Stuck between the devil and the deep sea
Stuck between the devil and the deep sea


I have written hundreds of reports, features and articles during my career as a journalist since 2003. This section gives a few examples of my published work.


Some prominent personalities I have interviewed or covered events involving them for Gulf Times in Qatar include: Music composer Yanni, US Commander Naval Forces Central Command (NavCent) Vice Admiral John Miller, British artist Damien Hirst, U.K.’s Foreign Secretary (then Defence Secretary) Philip Hammond, Master Chef Gordon Ramsay, senior Hamas leader Khaled Mishal, late Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty, French climate change expert Nicolas Hulot, U.K.’s Prince Charles, (now ex) Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta, WWE superstar wrestler R-Truth, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin, President of the Swiss Council of States (Senate) Filippo Lombardi, the late fashion icon L’Wren Scott, Qatar Airways CEO Al-Baker, ex-Afghan president Hamid Karzai, ex-Tunisian president Dr. Moncef and Committee to Protect Journalists Executive Director Joel Simon among many others.


I was in Doha at a key moment in its history, where I witnessed (and reported on) Shiekh Hamad handing over his rein to his son Shiekh Tamim, who is the current Emir of Qatar. This power transition took place after an 18-year gap in Qatar.


I travelled all the way to Colombo, Sri Lanka in December 2013 to investigate abuses in the recruitment of migrant workers for Qatari companies.


Between 2007 and 2012, I reported on almost all suicide bomb blast and terrorism related cases that took place in Karachi, Pakistan. My reporting has not been limited to witnessing the horrific scenes at the site of the attack, but also I’ve written dozens of follow up stories about progress into investigations of those cases. Also, I covered numerous high-profile political events in Pakistan during the same time period.

My father and Muhammad Ali

The Greatest Last Punch

Ali & his dream to build 'Islamic society in US'

My journalist father Hamid Siddiqui met Muhammad Ali over 45 years ago. As I go through his report from that meeting, it makes me wonder if Ali would have been loved still had he repeated the same words in this Islamophobic era.


Damien Hirst 

'I want to tap into people across cultures'

Salman Siddiqui interviewed British artist Damien Hirst in October 2013 in Doha, Qatar, when he was visiting to launch his art exhibition.

Philip Hammond

'Purely military solution in Iraq not possible'

Salman Siddiqui met Philip Hammond on at least three occassions in Doha, Qatar, when the senior British politician used to be the U.K.'s defense secretary.

Arshad Pappu

'I am not a puppet'

I met Karachi's drug mafia don and murderer  Arshad Pappu in 2011. It was one of the biggest risks I took with my life to interview a figure like him who weilded power even from behind prison bars. 

Abbas Karostrami

'Iranians are all turning to art as a shelter'

I met the critically-acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami in Doha in September 2013 who told me Iranians turn to art as a weapon for survival. Kiarostami died in July 2016.


‘I’m trying to connect the world’

I met the celebrated music composer Yanni in Doha in March 2013 where he spoke about how he picks themes from all parts of the world. 


'I'm not done yet'

I interviewed WWE professional wrestling star R-Truth in 2013 Doha who explained how despite breaking almost every bone in his body he was willing to go on.

Top 5 news reports

In service of Karachi's dead

'I made him feel the dead'

A father and son duo who work as post mortem specialists recall Karachi’s violent history which they have literally together dissected over the last 50 years. 

Finding Orwell in Pakistan

'Who will watch the watchmen?'

I did an expoze on wiretapping in Pakistan for which I had to face some heat back in 2010. 

Largest mammal fossils lost

'It’s a tragedy nobody even remembers today'

Fossils of largest ever mammal fossils found on Earth Baluchitherium are believed to have become collateral in the 2006 military operation in Pakistan.

Shipbreaking at Gadani  

' imagine the kind of hard work we have to do'

The yard in Pakistan's restive Balochistan province hosts one of the most beautiful untouched beaches on earth where handsome men from the north come not to enjoy the waters but to blacken their skins through back-breaking hard labor.  

Karachi blasts target mourners

'I can’t find two of my brothers'

This story published on on Feb 5, 2010, was my first real close shave with death. I was in the hospital area when the second blast took place;.This is my report from that day.

Other reports

Pakistan's largest Sufi festival

Dam mast qalandar mast

10 years ago I covered the sufi festival of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Pakistani town of Sehwan. I spent four days there to understand why thousands of people, mostly poor visit his shrine/

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