Stuck between the devil and the deep sea
Stuck between the devil and the deep sea

Salman Siddiqui is a freelance journalist with several years of experience of working in various news media platforms, including 24/7 wire services, online news portals, daily newspapers and magazines.


He has worked as a journalist around the world, including Turkey, Cyprus, Qatar, Pakistan, and the U.K. He has also been on assignment to Sri Lanka and the U.A.E. 


He has donned several hats in his journalistic career, including that of a senior copy editor, news desk manager, investigative reporter, multimedia producer and staff magazine writer. 


Get in touch via email (ss@salmansid dot com), if you wish to hire me for an editing/reporting job, or if you have a story to share with me.

"Journalism will kill you, but it will keep you alive while you’re at it."

- Horace Greeley

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Twitter: @salmansid


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